May 092011

As many of you know Spotify crashes when showing the new EULA under Wine.

The “fix” is quite easy to do:

Step1: Do a clean install of Spotify under Windows
Step2: Accept the new EULA under Windows
Step3: Copy the files c:\users\\Application Data\Roaming\Spotify to ~/.wine/drive_c/users//Application Data/Spotify
Step4: Copy the files c:\users\\Application Data\Local\Spotify to ~/.wine/drive_c/users//Local settings/Application Data/Spotify
Step5: Start Spotify and crash
Step6: Start Spotify and all is good.

ps. if it doesnt work, try and copy both the windows folders, to both of the wine-application data folders.

See my other post How i made Spotify 0.4 play local mp3 files on Linux
Update: A lot of you have commented that facebook connection also have to be turned off.

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  • Sander

    Hi, I have the same problem and have followed the first 3 steps of the suggested solution, but now stuck. How do i get the files from my usb stick into my Wine environment? There’s no .wine folder under home/user and winefile from terminal won’t copy or move them… Plz advise

    • espen

      I am sorry, I have never seen a wine installation without a ~/.wine/, that is /home//.wine/

      • Sander

        Hey, thanks for your reply. Ok, that was a rookie mistake not to show hidden files X) But since i installed Ubuntu this week i guess that’s ok. Now stuck at step 5. I’ve copied the files, and Spotify doesn’t hang anymore. Instead, it terminates itself a second after starting up without error info. Time after time.

        • espen

          That sucks, and I do not think I can help you there. You should test the Linux client (also from if that one suits your needs. If not you might have to find the previous version somewhere.

  • Sander

    Hey, thanks for your reply. Ok, that was a rookie mistake not to show hidden files. But I installed Ubuntu this week so i guess that’s ok. So now i’ve copied the files into Application Data/Spotify and Spotify doesn’t hang anymore. Instead, it terminates itself right away without error info.

  • Sander

    Actually got the debian linux version to work. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Xenonn

    Nice one, but it crashes on random with a
    “fixme:dbghelp:elf_search_auxv can’t find symbol in module”

    Any clues?

  • Viggo

    I just had the same problem, and decided it was time to switch to the Linux version of Spotify.
    See here on how to do it for Ubuntu:
    If the keyserver fails, try to use another one. worked for me.

  • oj88

    Works! (Ubuntu 9.10)

    Actually, when Spotify updated itself I could agree to the new EULA and everything without WINE crashing, but when I uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled, it crashed every time. Copying files from Windows works fine. The path where you find the Spotify folders in Windows XP is a bit different (C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data and C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data).

    The Linux preview version of Spotify works excellent and everyone should try it. My problem is that on Ubuntu 9.10 (my sevrer) it crashes when playing local files. Works fine on my laptop running 10.04. Ubuntu 9.10 is not supported anymore so I should update the server anyway.

    • oj88

      BTW, it’s a shame that we have do hack to make Spotify work. Spotify has always worked very well in WINE (local playback can easily be fixed), and it seemed to me that they always made sure that Spotify was working in WINE. But no we have to hack around. Well, as long as they develop the Linux version I’m good. Spotify Premium FTW.

  • Keith Patterson

    You are a genius! Spotify up and running again ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shivkumar Shivaji

    Much easier way to make it work for those without a windows installation available. The crash is on winhttp.dll. Download this dll using google. Then copy it to your system32 folder under wine. Make a backup of the existing dll just in case. Then go to wine configuration and set it to try native and then builtin for the winhttp library. Spotify then works.

    • M. Hudson

      Thanks, Shivkumar Shivaji. That was a great solution.

  • Jmg

    Finally a solution that works and doesn’t involve paying subscription or owning a copy of windows, no functioning windows PCs in this house and I didn’t feel the need to get one just for spotify ๐Ÿ™‚

  • HarrisHawk

    Windows version of Spotify working fine under Wine 1.3.28 on Ubuntu 11.10 (64bit). Steps followed were:

    1) Installed and configured Wine as recommended by Spotify ( . Note that my system uses Pulse audio so I did not have the option to select Sound Drivers in Wine Audio config. I set Hardware Acceleration to Emulation, Default Sample Rate to 44100 and Default Bits Per Sample to 16.

    2) Downloaded Windows version of Spotify installer (
    When it was downloaded, I right clicked on Spotify Installer.exe and selected Open with Wine Windows Program Loader.

    3) Once installed I found that running Spotify from the Applications menu under Wine / Programs just resulted in it crashing consistently. The solution for me was as outlined in post 9) above, namely to replace Wine’s WINHTTP.DLL with the copy from Windows XP.

    4) Obtain WINHTTP.DLL . I got mine from my copy of Windows XP (in Windows\system32 folder) but I guess you can Google for it too.

    5) On Ubuntu rename the current WINHTTP.DLL in $HOME/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 ( I named it WINHTTP.OLD) then copy the new WINHTTP.DLL to that folder.

    6) In Wine Configuration click on the Libraries tab , in the New Override for Library dropdown select WINHTTP.DLL and then click the Add button. You should now see winhttp listed in the existing overrides as “winhttp(native, builtin)” . If it is not set to this then just select it, click Edit button and choose the Native then Builtin option. Click OK to save your settings.

    7) Start Spotify on Ubuntu from Wine Programs menu. For me it crashed the first start but on the second start I logged in with my Facebook id and all has been ok ever since.

    Best of luck all !

    • Kk

      Tested all solutions here and after testing this one (and disconnecting facebook) it finally works. (After crashing a few times) (Using Ubuntu 11.04). But it might’ve been a combination of all solutions that did the trick, who knows…ย 

  • Jay

    This worked for me after I logged into windows, opened Spotify preferences, Disconnected from Facebook and then copied the Spotify folders.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Using Spotify 0.6 btw.

  • Felix

    Thanks! Works for me!

  • Mikalea 89

    Does not work at all for me, don’t understand what i’m doing wrong..

  • Roni Laukkarinen

    Does not work, also winhttp trick does not work. The latest wine (1.4), latest opensuse (12.1), latest spotify… ๐Ÿ™ any help?